New Year, New Possibilities

Well, I’m all settled in back at Scripps. It’s a bit of an odd feeling — so many of my friends are abroad, and it feels like summer was just too darn short. I’ve been back at school for about three weeks now, and I feel like I’m finally settling into a routine. One of my big changes? Accepting that I chose not to study abroad and dealing with the consequences. Not only does it feel like I have no friends left on this campus (hello, meeting new people…I’m going to have to resort to just walking up to people and introducing myself. Phew.), but Facebook and Twitter are inundated with people who are incredibly, understandably excited about being across the country or world. I get it. I’m happy for them, completely. But at a certain point it gets a tad bit tiring. There were about twenty different reasons for why I chose not to study abroad, and I still think it was the best choice for me. Like Tony from my new favorite workout, P90X, says. “do your best and forget the rest!” Got it, Tony. I did my best and I’m moving on.

But! That’s okay. I’ve taken over for the equestrian team at my school, which has proved to be quite a bit of work and a fair amount of stress. Everything is settling into place — new students are joining and setting up their lessons, old riders are getting back into their routines of riding and preparing for shows, and I spent some time back in the saddle, as well. It was painful. Not only did I have a killer Western lesson (literally — I had blisters and blood running down my hand by the end), but I also took my first formal English lesson two days later. It was beyond fun — I can’t wait until my lesson this Friday. I might be a convert. Western will always hold a special place in my heart since I grew up learning that discipline, but English is exciting and new. Also, I got a job on campus — I’m an intern for Scripps’ Information Technology Department. I’m also a College Ambassador for Alesya Bags, and my bag should be arriving this week — I’m so excited. I mean, just look at them. I can’t WAIT to get my hands on that pretty bag and take it around campus with me. I already have several friends who have expressed interest in the bag, and I’ll be showing it around more, too. Look for posts up here dedicated to the bags; they’ll be rolling in!

What else? I’ve started thinking about summer internships (let me know if you, or anyone you know, has any interesting propositions). I actually researched for my senior thesis earlier today. I know, crazy.

Oh yeah – I miss Livefyre.

Till next time, folks!

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